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STIIIZY - STIIIZY - SLR - Grape Octane Badder 1g
STIIIZY - SLR - Grape Octane Badder 1g
STIIIZY'S Live Rosin Batter is first press rosin at it's finest. It all starts with our premium fresh frozen cannabis, ice, water, and bit of agitation to separate those glistening golden trichomes from the plant. Once separated, those pristine trichomes are immediately frozen, dried, sieved, sifted, and pressed in a fine micron bag. Only highest grade of terpene rich trichomes become STIIIZY Live Rosin Batter. No chemicals or solvents are ever used, and everything is kept cold throughout the process to ensure maximum quality and taste. GRAPE-OCTANE / INDICA · Taste: Grape, Citrus, Diesel · Feeling: Relaxing, Sleepy, Happy · Description: The aroma is dank with a citrus flavor and heavy spicy herbal exhale. Grape Octane will leave you heavily couch-locked and physically sedated, happy and totally out of focus.
- 1 gram
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