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Mary Jones - Mary Jones 100mg Green Apple 16oz can
Mary Jones 100mg Green Apple 16oz can
Mary Jones Beverages 100 mg soda is meticulously crafted for the seasoned cannabis consumer. Our 16 oz. resealable can is infused with a robust 100mg of THC, tailored specifically for those who desire an even Mary’er experience. Dive deeper into the realm of THC-infused drinks with this premium offering from our line of cannabis beverages. Despite its potent infusion, our cannabis-infused soda retains the signature taste of classic Jones Soda. Fully carbonated with vibrant flavors that truly POP, you’ll taste all the goodness of a Jones Soda without the bitterness or aftertaste of traditional cannabis drinks. For the experienced cannabis consumer seeking an elevated experience, our 100mg THC-infused drink is your perfect companion to bring to a party.
- 100.0 milligrams
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