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ABX - ABX Sauce Clementine Vape Cartridge (1g)
ABX Sauce Clementine Vape Cartridge (1g)
THC: 72.88%
Clementine, a cross of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, has enticing flavors and alluring effects. Clementine is arguably one of the best cultivars of DNA genetics bred in their illustrious career. Taking the orange marmalade terps from tangie and crossing them with that Meyer lemon flavor from the lemon skunk turned this strain into a citrus lovers’ dream. A glass full of tangerines inundates your lungs on the inhale with a sweet pine that plays in the outskirts of your taste buds. This finishes with a cerebral Sativa high that will send you soaring into the morning or afternoon.
- 1 gram
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