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710 Labs - 710 Labs Persy Rosin - Tier 3 - Grammed The Praline #2
710 Labs Persy Rosin - Tier 3 - Grammed The Praline #2
An incredibly stoney and satisfying strain, The Praline has a nutty, sweet vanilla aroma and flavor reminiscent of the crunchy candy on offer at your grandparents’ house. An Indica-leaning cross of Black Domina and ‘92 OG with Acai Gelato, this strain offers a delightfully relaxing body buzz to keep you mellowed out, as an inspiring head high leaves you euphoric and a little lethargic. Best enjoyed when you’re kicking back in the evening after a busy day, this strain is a great choice for dreamy evenings by the fire. A solventless refinement process that presses the cannabis (hash or flower, all good) between two heated metal plates. Done just right, the results are a gorgeous golden-white or yellow oil or budder.
- 1 gram
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