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Jeeter - Infused Baby Jeeter 0.5G x 5 Kiwi Kush
Infused Baby Jeeter 0.5G x 5 Kiwi Kush
Kiwi Kush Baby Jeeter Infused | 5 0.5G Joints 2.5G Total | Indica | 40.23% THC Indoor Grown Infused Sink into the fruity, earthy Kiwi Kush. This indica strain provides users with a tasty citrusy and fruity flavor profile with hints of earth and wood. The aroma received is noticeably that of kiwi, solidifying its namesake. Kiwi Kush's effects make for the perfect evening out with friends and family. Users will experience calming, relaxing sensations, allowing them to feel at ease in social settings.
- 2.5 grams
In Stock