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CONNECTED - Indoor - Connected - Half Ounce Smalls - Super Dog
Indoor - Connected - Half Ounce Smalls - Super Dog
This Super Dog strain is an exemplary cut of Chem “D”, cultivated by Connected, from legendary seeds that were popped in the year 2000. The frosty lime-green nugs of this sativa-dominant cultivar are praised by high-tolerance consumers for their heavy trichome production and complex funky flavor. A bouquet of sharp aromas commands attention as notes of fresh-cut grass and menthol mix with uniquely putrid undertones - reminiscent of sewer gas, sulfur, and ammonia. Don’t let the unusual odor scare you! When consumed, Super Dog has the potential to sharpen the senses, while simultaneously lowering inhibitions and quieting negative thoughts. The cerebral effects of this strain eventually lend to a palpable sense of physical relaxation that may aid in pain management throughout the day. ----- Sativa Lineage: Chem D ----- Prominent terpenes: D-Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, β-Myrcene
- 14.0 grams
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