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710 Labs - Live Rosin Pod - 500 MG - Tier 1 Starburst 36 #1
Live Rosin Pod - 500 MG - Tier 1 Starburst 36 #1
710 Labs |
THC: 81.13%
This balanced hybrid is satisfying and refreshing, just like a chewy candy. A blend of classic genetics boasting two kinds of Kush, the flavors of sweet and sour citrus and aromas of diesel and pine precede a rush of euphoric, focused uplift. Soon the body buzz kicks in, and while your mind stays alert you’ll want to sink into the comfiest cushion you can find. Take a dab from a vape. No distillate, no alterations. 710 Labs celebrates the plant’s naturally produced cannabinoids and flavors. The vape is a high terpene fraction of 710 Labs' live extract. 710 Labs uses only medical grade materials with no heavy metal leaching into the hash. Cleanest vape in the business. Storage: Separate pod from battery, store the pod in the fridge. When you are ready to use it, let it warm to room temp, add it back to the battery before taking a hit from your vape. Never store in a hot car. Should be stored in temp controlled room or fridge (60-65 degrees Fahrenheit). TIERS Tier I EFFECTS Balanced AROMAS Citrus, Kush, Sour, Sweet LINEAGE Starburst x KC 36
- 1/2 gram
In Stock